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Centrelink Made Easy





Centrelink Made Easy is a streamlined service providing you with professional guidance to navigate through the confusing, tedious and frustrating Centrelink journey.

Help@Hand Aged Care Placements is here to alleviate the stress and confusion associated with applying for a Pension.

On your behalf, we are able to submit your quarterly advice to Centrelink that is based on your updated income and assets so you can be confident that you continue to receive your correct entitlement.

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Starting with the Initial Consultation

  1. At the Initial Consultation, this gives us the opportunity to collate all the necessary information so we can advise on which entitlements are best for you
  2. At this meeting, we can explain the complexities associated with Centrelink and our role is  minimise your confusion when applying for a Pension
  3. Our mission is to reassure  you that by engaging Help@Hand Aged Care placements we will get the best outcome for you and your family


Applying for the Pension

  1. We take the stress out of the confusing paperwork and by allowing Help@Hand Aged Care  Placements  to complete your documentation you can be rest assured that the forms have been filled out correctly
  2. By allowing us to apply for the Pension on your behalf you can be confident  that your documentation will be processed with efficiency and therefore obtaining a faster outcome
  3. Help@Hand Aged Care Placements believes communication is key so therefore we will continue to update you on your pension claim status.


Applying for Aged Care

  1. Aged Care Fees can be complex so our specialised Centrelink Consultant at Help@Hand Aged Care Placements is here to explain the ongoing charges associated   Aged Care
  2. Our role is to maximise your Pension and minimise your Aged Care fees
  3. Part of our service is to complete and submit the necessary Centrelink forms and continue to act as your Nominee to make sure that you are paying the correct charges.


Our Ongoing Service To You

  1. We continue to act on your behalf for a period of time nominated by you.
  2. With this service we will continue to communicate with Centrelink with quarterly reviews so you can be confident of receiving the correct entitlement
  3. We will continually stay in contact with you  by giving you dated Centrelink information

We at Help@Hand Aged Care Placements are  proud to offer “Centrelink Made Easy”

Contact us on 03 9598 7717 or fill in our contact us and we will get back to you asap.